Thursday, June 9, 2016

Disney 2015

Back in June 2015, we went to Disney World.  The original plan was for my whole family to go, but Annie was pregnant and other various things were going on, so they decided this wasn't the best time for them.  My Dad ended up in the hospital with afib the week before our trip and it was advised for him not to go.  We were all bummed, but once we knew he would be OK, we went ahead with my sister, Allie.

I had great plans of blogging each day of our trip, but I've waited too long and all of my pictures are mixed up.  I am just going to do several posts and do the best I can!

We ended up leaving Friday right after work and drove all night.  This was not the original plan, but since the kids were asleep and we had three drivers, we thought, why not!  We got to our hotel, All Star Sports, around 8 in the morning. 

Funny story...around 5:30 or 6 we stopped to eat some breakfast at a Waffle house.  We were driving around a hotel to get to the parking and Lilah wakes up and says, is this Disney? Are we there? The hotel wasn't the best and the surroundings were nothing spectacular.  We started cracking up because we'd been pumping up Disney for so long and here she thought this run down area was Disney and she was trying not to be disappointed.  It was hilarious!

Once we were there, we were actually able to check in and they said our room would be ready soon.  We walked around the hotel a bit and were about to change in a bathroom to swim when we got a text that our room was ready!  We unpacked, Brian napped, and Allie and I headed to the pool with the kids.  We spent the evening at Downtown Disney shopping and ate at Downtown Disney which was SO good!  My friend had just told me about Earl of Sandwich a few days before and we found a coupon so it was a win all around.  Our trip was off to a good start!

*Remember these pics are out of order

 Lilah was part of the Lion King Show!

We took pictures of the kids' outfits each day in case we would be separated.  We would easily be able to let a worker know what they looked like that day.

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