Friday, June 10, 2016

February 2016

Treasure Hunt in Backyard:
 New Hat from Aunt Susie:
 Gavin's Birthday ~ ChuckE Cheese!:

 Birthday Dinner at Denny's: Gavin picked Denny's because breakfast foods are his favorite!

 Conked!: Lilah fell asleep during one of Gavin's appointments with Dr. Bowersox.  She'd gotten shots earlier that day and I guess it was too much!
 Sorting Money:
 Gymnastics: Lilah started gymnastics at the end of January at Revolution.  She is in the littles class and loves it.  The cool thing is, the kids had friends to talk to during the class and I enjoyed talking to the other moms.  There were a few other homeschool moms which is always nice!
 Family Dinner Super Bowl Sunday: Lilah won some money!

 New Leotard:
 100th Day Puzzles:
 Lilah's First (Official) Haircut: Aunt Jeri gave Lilah her first official haircut.  The only other one she'd gotten was by Gavin!
 Happy Birthday, Parker and Wesley

 Zoo Trip with Grandpa and Grandma:

 Cincinnati Trip: On Brian's birthday, we went to the Newport Aquarium, Skyline Chili, and Jungle Jims.  We had a great time!

 Baby Goats: We sold some rabbit cages to our neighbor's stepbrother.  Turns out, they live right down the road and have chickens, goats, and several other animals.  They invited us to come down and see the new baby goats.  Brian's been wanting goats for a while and I'm not ready, but those babies were precious!

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