Friday, June 10, 2016

January 2016 ~ Part 1

Kids Meeting Ari: Once we picked the kids up from Sturgis, we headed straight to meet little Ari.

 Family Choice Dinner: We did a family choice dinner again.  We'd done it two years before and it is always such a big hit!  Each of us draw a course of the meal and then go to the store and pick out whatever we want.  I have to say, the meal went together pretty well!  Lilah had the appetizer and she picked bean and cheese dip with chips, Brian had the entrĂ©e and he picked steak and chicken he made on the foreman, Macie had a side and she picked salad with all of the toppings and I got some frozen twice baked potatoes (since I had to help everyone else make their food this was easiest), and Gavin had dessert and he picked to make some macaroons which are a favorite of his.

 We even had a fancy table!
 GO COLTS!: We actually got to go to two Colt's games this year and I hope to get out the camera pictures to blog about the other game.  In January, we took Gavin and Grandpa to a game as an early birthday present.  They won and it was a lot of fun.  We got free sock hats and even saw Aunt Alice and Uncle Gene!

 Monster Creations:

 Spiked Hair:

 Arts and Crafts:

Indy Museum (Take me to China):

 Wheel Chair Fitting:

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