Friday, June 10, 2016

March 2016 ~ Part 1

New Compression Sock: We now get Gavin's compression socks through Riley.  They are way more light weight and can have cool designs on them.  Gavin got a Pok√©mon one and an Aladdin one.  He is so excited and so am I!  They are cheaper and a lot more comfortable!
 Candy!: Mrs. Broeker gave the kids a dollar each for delivering eggs, so they bought some candy with it.
 Tablets with Andre:

 Sweet Ari:

 Box Destroyed!: We got home one afternoon only to find the vinyl shipment that was delivered that day was totally destroyed by Bentley.  I was super upset, but stayed surprisingly calm.  Gavin didn't say a word, just grabbed Bentley and put him in his crate! Then, the kids helped me pick it all up.
 Hunter's Baby Shower: At Hunter's shower, the girls had fun making bows and changing diapers with a blindfold on.
 Babysitting: For Christmas, we gave Annie and Charles a date night.  The kids were so excited because it was the first time they got to hold Ari. 

 Huber Winery Groupon: Brian and I were able to get a Huber Winery Groupon for aroun $!15 that included a tour, tasting, wine glasses, cheese plate, and pizza.  We had a great time!

 Riley Trip with Wendy:

 More Gymnastics:

 Cooking with Avery:
 Happy Birthday, Blake:

 Cutie Patootie:
 Brown County Trip:
 Did you know there is a Castle in Indiana?: We didn't until we stumbled across it and found out it was a bed and breakfast.  The owners were super nice and gave us a tour.  It'd be neat to stay there someday!

 Exotic Feline Rescue Center: We went to the Exotic Feline Rescue Center and it was such a cool experience.  We saw a bunch of cats that used to be pets or in circuses.  Each animal has a story and the tour was really neat.  It is a no frills place, but I highly recommend checking it out!

 Lilah's Prayer:
 Pretty Sure Lilly is at the bottom of this pile:

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