Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Weekend in Harmonie

Due to medical issues and hospitalizations, we've had to cancel two trips.  We decided to do a three night getaway at Harmonie State Park and stay in one of their cabins.  Well, the kids and I went to enjoy the cabin, but Brian is in the hospital and couldn't join us.  That part was bad timing, but the good thing was we didn't have water at our house, so it was good escape.
Despite Brian not being with us, the kids and I were able to make the best of it!  We did visit him twice.  The rest of the time we swam, took some walks, colored, made smores (thanks to Grandpa), had Grandpa, Grandma, and Aunt Allie visit us, and visited the Wabash River. The kids also saw some frogs, a raccoon, and a live skunk!  We didn't make it to the Nature Center, so we will have to do that next time.  The cabins are so nice and so reasonably priced, we will definitely be going back! I also love that it is only 35 minutes from our house, but feels like it is worlds away!
We swam four times and I am amazed with how far the kids have come in the pool.  They used to all be attached to me.  Now, they will all go under without their life vests, are learning to swim and are braver and braver.  They of course have a long way to go, but they have improved dramatically.  Gavin will even let me throw him completely under the water!  We are already talking about a repeat trip when dad can join us.  Thanks Cabin # 8 for the great memories!

One of the trails we walked on led to a lake and we had quite an adventure getting there!

The trail behind our cabin led to the road!

The kids love to play cards with Grandpa!
This was the very first time they made smores by themselves!

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