Sunday, July 24, 2016

CMOE Science Camp

Because Gavin didn't get to play any sports this year, we signed him up for the "Mad Scientist" camp at CMOE.  He was so excited and it couldn't come fast enough.  Finally, the time was here and he did great!  There were a few hiccups (there are a lot of stairs there and his legs were so worn out and a bathroom issue), but overall it was a wonderful experience.  The first day he got a sucker for being the best behaved boy in his class.  Another day at drop off, a teacher asked him if he was going to be in first grade next year.  When he said yes, she said, "I just can't believe that!  You are way too smart!!"  That was a proud mama moment!  I sure missed my boy when he was gone from 9-4, but so happy for him.  He already wants to sign up for another camp!

 Daily Face Paint! Gavin's creation above and a pirate below!

 The girls and I stayed after drop off to play for a while.  Gavin was so excited to see us and gave us hugs.  Love that sweet boy!

 Projects he brought home from camp

Crystal and Dinosaur prints

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