Wednesday, August 31, 2016

How'd I do? ~ August

I DID IT!  I blogged every single day in the month of August!  I'm happy that I did because it has really gotten me into the habit of blogging again.  Blogging is a true love and passion of mine.  I do not know if I will continue to blog daily or cluster blog, but I already have several drafts in the works.  As far as the rest of August, here is how I did:

1. Catch up on the blog (including Disney!) DONE!!
2. Visit Grams B 2x a Month (0/24)
3. Finish Daily Dose of Knowledge: Bible with Brian We are back to reading nightly!
4. Visit each of Brian's grandparents 2x other than holidays (0/4)
5. Complete the 12 Months of Family Fun board we gave the kids for Christmas (4/12)
6. Cross off 35 things from my 101 in 1001 list (20/35)
7. Follow a strict budget Right now we aren't spending unless absolutely necessary!
8. Keep track of all of Gavin's Appointments and Procedures in 2016 (See Below) August was a busy month!!
9. Work on my weight loss and do something active at least 3x a week I'm back to doing this again and am already down 5.5 pounds!!
10. Make Disney scrapbooks with the kids
11. Spend 30 minutes each day really playing with the kids More and more all of the time!
12. Get at least 8 hours of sleep each night I LOVE sleep and I'm a much happier Mommy and Wife!!
13. Drink at least 64oz of water every day Drinking more than this daily!
14. Keep up our new bed time routine (Bible stories, down time, lights out at 8) Started this again!
15. Get Gavin a wheelchair (Fitting 1/14, reordered 6/27) DONE!!!
16. Visit the Indianapolis Children's Museum 4x by November 30th (1/14, 5/3, 6/5. 6/6 ) DONE!!!

I did GREAT this month!!  Watch out I come!!

8/1 - Labs
8/2 - Dr. Heister
8/3 - OT, Dr. Bowersox
8/8 - Labs, Dr. Voyles
8/10 - OT
8/15 - GI Procedure Dr. Hon, Dr. Marshalleck (Riley)
8/17 - OT
8/19 - PT
8/22 - Labs, Dr. Voyles
8/23 - Labs
8/24 - Kidney Ultrasound, Dr. Walsh (Riley)
8/25 - Dr. Bowersox
8/26 - PT
8/29 - Labs, Dr. Hege (Riley)
8/31 - OT

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

At Home Pharmacy

These days, we have a mini pharmacy in our home and visit Schnuck's pharmacy at least once or twice a week.  With medicines constantly changing, it's hard to keep up with it all.  I've come up with a way to finally get organized.  Gavin takes the most pills with up to 7 twice a day (one pill is weekends only), Brian takes 6, and Macie takes 2.  
Here is how I keep them organized:
  • I put all of the current meds in a drawer in the kitchen.  I put all meds that we've tried in a place in the bathroom for a period of time because we often cycle back to it.
  • I label the top of each bottle so when I grab into the drawer I at least know which person's pills I'm grabbing.  
  • Gavin's pills are laid out weekly in the blue container below and I plan to buy two more containers for Brian and Macie.  This not only makes it easier to find the pills, but helps to us know if they've been given that day.

Cooking Class

Getting Organized: I bought this Cooking Class book last January and have been wanting to do it with the kids for a while.  I started it last school year but didn't really go full force due to it being so chaotic.  A few weeks ago, we went to the Dollar Tree and Big Lots and bought everything the kids needed for their cooking kits.  I decided to get each kid their own supplies since cooking is big in our house and it is something they will use for years to come.

 First Recipe ~ Breakfast Sundaes: I kept calling these parfaits and then the kids kept calling them souffles, but no matter what you called them, they were delicious!
 Practicing knife safety and cutting skills!

Granola Bars ~ Making:

 Bacon ~ Three Ways: We learned how to make bacon three ways: in the oven, in a skillet, and in the microwave.  We tried each way and decided how we liked it best.  Macie said, "This is kind of like a science experiment, too!" It was and we learned we like it in the skillet best and that 5 minutes in the microwave is way too long!!

 Warning: Upside down pic below!
 Granola Bars ~ Finished product: We cut these into bars and WOW were they yummy.  Super simple and a must make again!

Monday, August 29, 2016

Riley Trip

Last Wednesday, Gavin, Lilah and I went to Riley.  Macie stayed with Grandma.  She had an appointment with Dr. Below.  As an added bonus, it was the first time she'd spent the day alone with Grandma since before Gavin was born!  The trip was quite stressful with being stuck in traffic due to an accident on the way there and bad storms and tornadoes on the way back.  We survived though.

Gavin had an abdominal ultrasound and an appointment with Dr. Walsh scheduled.  Gavin and Lilah were both super well behaved and got many compliments during the appointments which made this Mama proud.  After the appointments, we went to the Indianapolis Children's Museum for a bit to check out the new Doc exhibit.  It did not disappoint and we hope to make a few more trips there before it closes.  I'm going to do a Medical Madness post soon because there is so much going on with Gavin...stay tuned!

We packed a lunch and had a "picnic" in the hospital!

Sunday, August 28, 2016

4 Truths and a Dare

TRUTH...I physically feel terrible every single day. I have belly aches, head aches, and my shoulder and back muscles often tense up so badly I can barely move.

TRUTH...I weigh 5 pounds more than I did when I started weight watchers 4 years ago, but am 10 pounds less than when I got married.

TRUTH...I am stressed to the max. I am emotionally, physically, and mentally spent.

TRUTH...I can make a million excuses, and most of them are valid, but something has to change.

DARE...I am daring myself to lose 34 pounds while I'm 34.

I've blogged this kind of thing before and it hasn't always turned out well.  I was scared to put this on here and debated not even telling anyone. BUT, I'm going to do this.  I've done it once and will do it again.  I started Weight Watchers three days ago and am on my way.  I need accountability. I need to take control over something in my life.  I'm not getting younger and most of the stressers in my life aren't going anywhere anytime soon.  It's time...wish me luck!

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Homeschool Highlights

M is for ME...and the moon, Mommy, and Macie!
 Macie's Field Trip Journal: Wesselman's Science Class
Mystery Science ~ How can you knock down a concrete wall?: We created a wrecking ball to knock down our wall (cups) but the trick was not to let it hit the houses.

 M Week ~ Making Music:
Word Hunt ~ Contractions: As a review of some first grade concepts, I am sending Macie on a word hunt each week.  She has to find contractions, compound words, nouns, etc in books and around the room and house.  This week, she had to find the contractions and write the two words that make up the contraction.

Fact Finders: This year I am doing a Fact/Opinion book with Macie and Gavin.  They are learning the difference and where to find facts.  This week we looked up facts on a map, in a nonfiction book, and on the internet (aka OK Google).
Lilah's First Word ~ Reading: Because Lilah knows the sounds for the letters a, t, and m, she can now read the words at, mat, and am!

 Sorting Money:

 Abraham Skit: This week, we made Abraham, Sarah, and Isaac puppets and did a little skit.

 Read Aloud and Free Draw: I've been reading the kids The BFG.  Sometimes during reading time, I encourage them to color or draw.  On this day, the girls worked in books from Aunt Beth.  Gavin wanted to free draw and drew a dream from the book.  I was impressed!

What are some highlights of your homeschool this week?

Friday, August 26, 2016

Pure Sweetness