Tuesday, August 30, 2016

At Home Pharmacy

These days, we have a mini pharmacy in our home and visit Schnuck's pharmacy at least once or twice a week.  With medicines constantly changing, it's hard to keep up with it all.  I've come up with a way to finally get organized.  Gavin takes the most pills with up to 7 twice a day (one pill is weekends only), Brian takes 6, and Macie takes 2.  
Here is how I keep them organized:
  • I put all of the current meds in a drawer in the kitchen.  I put all meds that we've tried in a place in the bathroom for a period of time because we often cycle back to it.
  • I label the top of each bottle so when I grab into the drawer I at least know which person's pills I'm grabbing.  
  • Gavin's pills are laid out weekly in the blue container below and I plan to buy two more containers for Brian and Macie.  This not only makes it easier to find the pills, but helps to us know if they've been given that day.

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