Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Cooking Class

Getting Organized: I bought this Cooking Class book last January and have been wanting to do it with the kids for a while.  I started it last school year but didn't really go full force due to it being so chaotic.  A few weeks ago, we went to the Dollar Tree and Big Lots and bought everything the kids needed for their cooking kits.  I decided to get each kid their own supplies since cooking is big in our house and it is something they will use for years to come.

 First Recipe ~ Breakfast Sundaes: I kept calling these parfaits and then the kids kept calling them souffles, but no matter what you called them, they were delicious!
 Practicing knife safety and cutting skills!

Granola Bars ~ Making:

 Bacon ~ Three Ways: We learned how to make bacon three ways: in the oven, in a skillet, and in the microwave.  We tried each way and decided how we liked it best.  Macie said, "This is kind of like a science experiment, too!" It was and we learned we like it in the skillet best and that 5 minutes in the microwave is way too long!!

 Warning: Upside down pic below!
 Granola Bars ~ Finished product: We cut these into bars and WOW were they yummy.  Super simple and a must make again!

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