Monday, August 8, 2016

Fishing with the Shepherds!

Last Sunday, Aunt Beth and Uncle Wil invited us to go fishing with them at their family farm.  We went a few years back and the kids were so excited to be going again.  The big difference this time was that there is now an air conditioned cabin with flushing toilets!  Beth and I stayed with a group of the kids and fed them lunch while Brian and Wil took a few kids out on the boat fishing.  Each kid was able to catch and reel in a fish which was super exciting.  It was warm and sunny, but not as hot as it has been.  These memories are some I will always cherish and I hope the kids will look back and remember as well!
*Some of the pics are out of order, but check how wiped all five kids were!!

 No worries...after the pic I fixed Gavin's head and Lilah's seatbelt!

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