Thursday, August 11, 2016

Homeschool Highlights

I regret not doing Homeschool Highlights after September last year, so I hope to do better this year!

Letter of the Week: This year, Lilah is working on a letter each week.  I am not doing them in alphabetical order, but A was first.  We did short A the first week and we are working on long A this week.
 A is for Animals! 
 Being an acrobat
Science Experiments: We've been doing science experiments again and it is one of the kids' favorite things that we do.  They are able to help me gather materials, read the steps, follow the steps, and journal before/after or prediction/outcome.
String of Spikes

Colorizing Plants

 Apple Art:

 Creating Frost: 

Vocabulary Fun: I'm reading them the Little House chapter book, Pioneer Sisters. Because we often come across words that the kids don't know what they mean, I've started picking a few words from the chapter and writing them on large post it cards. Before reading, we guess what the word means. Then, when we come across the word we stop and figure out the meaning.  Not only are they learning what new words mean, they are also learning to use context clues to figure it out!
Bird Puppets: We've been talking about Noah's Ark.  One activity we did was make these bird puppets when we talked about Noah sending a bird out to find dry land.  I think these puppets turned out so darn cute!

 Lilah decided to add more details to her eyes after she saw Macie's!

School During the Olympics: One of the biggest draws to homeschooling for me is being able to do it anywhere and anytime.  We didn't get to school until Tuesday afternoon due to a class I'm taking.  The problem was that the girls gymnastics team finals were on.  Doing school in the living room was the perfect solution!  The Olympics come once every four years, so it was important to me for them to watch as much as they could!

Air Art: One long A activity that Lilah did this week was to paint with air.  She had three different straws that all put out a different amount and force of air depending on the size.  She used them to create her masterpiece!

Reading Log: Macie has a reading log this year to keep track of how much she is reading.  We didn't get her reading in this morning, so she did her it at Easter Sills during Gavin's OT.  Like I said, flexibility is key!

What are some highlights of your homeschool this week?

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