Monday, August 22, 2016

Homeschool Highlights

Would You Rather...: Last year we started this book in writing.  We used each "would you rather" as a writing prompt.  I used it as an opinion writing because there was no right answer and they had to tell me why.  We finally finished the book!

 Polar Bear Skin: Have you ever wondered how polar bears can tolerate such cold water temps? Their fur is coated with oil so the water runs right off and doesn't even get to their skin.  We tested this out by coating our hands with oil and watching the water bead up and roll right off!

 When I grow up, I want to...
Mystery Science: I was able to get a free one year subscription to Mystery Science.  It's a really neat program that has different mysteries to solve through videos and activities.  We've done one so far and the kids loved it!
 They are being machines!

Letter of the Week ~ T: 

Daily Work: I have crates for each child that hold all of their books, but they do not use every book every day.  I write on a board what I want them to do and I often grab the books and make stacks on my table.  Lilah is super excited to have a Doc ABC book this year!
Touch Bag: During T week, Lilah had a bag where she had to figure out what was in it based on touch alone,
Turtles: When I dropped them off at science class, each kiddo wanted to be a turtle.

Triangle Art:
Gator Math ~ Greater than/Less than:
Field Trip Journal:
Writing Joural ~ Then and Now: It's amazing what a difference a year can make!  These writings were done one year apart and I'm pretty pleased!
Lilah above did no writing and her picture was a complete scribble.
Lilah below wrote name and date, traced several words, and drew a clearer picture.

Gavin above wrote one word, used capitals in his name, and didn't have appropriate letter size.
Gavin below wrote the entire thing and much better letter size.

What are some highlights of your homeschool this week?

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