Saturday, August 27, 2016

Homeschool Highlights

M is for ME...and the moon, Mommy, and Macie!
 Macie's Field Trip Journal: Wesselman's Science Class
Mystery Science ~ How can you knock down a concrete wall?: We created a wrecking ball to knock down our wall (cups) but the trick was not to let it hit the houses.

 M Week ~ Making Music:
Word Hunt ~ Contractions: As a review of some first grade concepts, I am sending Macie on a word hunt each week.  She has to find contractions, compound words, nouns, etc in books and around the room and house.  This week, she had to find the contractions and write the two words that make up the contraction.

Fact Finders: This year I am doing a Fact/Opinion book with Macie and Gavin.  They are learning the difference and where to find facts.  This week we looked up facts on a map, in a nonfiction book, and on the internet (aka OK Google).
Lilah's First Word ~ Reading: Because Lilah knows the sounds for the letters a, t, and m, she can now read the words at, mat, and am!

 Sorting Money:

 Abraham Skit: This week, we made Abraham, Sarah, and Isaac puppets and did a little skit.

 Read Aloud and Free Draw: I've been reading the kids The BFG.  Sometimes during reading time, I encourage them to color or draw.  On this day, the girls worked in books from Aunt Beth.  Gavin wanted to free draw and drew a dream from the book.  I was impressed!

What are some highlights of your homeschool this week?

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