Sunday, August 7, 2016

Medical Updates ~ Macie

Macie and I have been going to her weekly PCIT (Parent Child Interactive Therapy) sessions. Not only do we go once a week to see Dr. Below, but we also do daily "special play time" at home.  During therapy and special play time, Macie does really well and is very well behaved.  I also see other periods of the day where she does well.  Her school work so far has been great, she has been more helpful with things around the house, and she has been teaching other family members what she's learning from Dr. Below.

Unfortunately, we still have daily outbursts.  The cussing, screaming, spitting, kicking, hitting, name calling, etc is exhausting to deal with.  As I've mentioned before, her eyes turn grey and the expression on her face totally changes.  There is little I can do during this time to change the situation except remove her from the "scene of her anger".  Dr. Below has taught us many techniques and they work when she is on level 2 or 3, but once she is at a level 4, it is too late.

Dr. Voyles upped the dose of her medicine to get us through until her appointment with Dr. Kaplan, but I honestly think she's been worse.  Dr. V and Dr. B both think that she needs some kind of mood stabilizer and I couldn't agree more!  I am so anxious to meet with him on the 25th.  I just pray that it is a good experience, that he listens to me, and that we can figure out how to help Macie.

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