Monday, August 29, 2016

Riley Trip

Last Wednesday, Gavin, Lilah and I went to Riley.  Macie stayed with Grandma.  She had an appointment with Dr. Below.  As an added bonus, it was the first time she'd spent the day alone with Grandma since before Gavin was born!  The trip was quite stressful with being stuck in traffic due to an accident on the way there and bad storms and tornadoes on the way back.  We survived though.

Gavin had an abdominal ultrasound and an appointment with Dr. Walsh scheduled.  Gavin and Lilah were both super well behaved and got many compliments during the appointments which made this Mama proud.  After the appointments, we went to the Indianapolis Children's Museum for a bit to check out the new Doc exhibit.  It did not disappoint and we hope to make a few more trips there before it closes.  I'm going to do a Medical Madness post soon because there is so much going on with Gavin...stay tuned!

We packed a lunch and had a "picnic" in the hospital!

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