Sunday, September 25, 2016

Family Bible Time

For a while now, our goal has been to have a Family Bible Time in the evenings.  We were reading the daily mass readings and saying our bedtime prayer.  We would pray the rosary on Sundays because we'd already heard the readings at Mass (hopefully).  This was working for a while, but was hit or miss due to our Mitchell Madness and I kept feeling called to something different.

After praying about, talking to Brian, and getting some inspiration from a few blogs I read, I came up with a new plan.  We decided to read the entire Bible from cover to cover as a family.

That is a huge goal and we started doing research on various plans.  I also had originally wanted each person to have their own Bible to follow along.  Well, that was a lot harder to achieve than one would think.  Finding a good Catholic Bible reading plan was difficult and even finding affordable Bibles that the kids wouldn't tear up seemed impossible.

So, we settled on me reading the Bible every night.  We decided not to have a specific plan, but to start at the beginning in Genesis and read 3 or 4 chapters a night and see how it went.

Many plans have you reading from three different parts in a Bible every day.  Brian and I started a plan like that a few years back and actually did it for quite a while.  However, we thought jumping around would be too confusing for the kids.

We obviously know that the kids aren't going to understand everything we are reading.  Sometimes, the Old Testament can be quite scary.  But, we feel very strongly that they have exposure to the Bible and anything they absorb will be better than nothing.

Being that they are so young, I've given them each a notebook that they are allowed to color, write, or draw in while I read.  This keeps their hands busy and they are creating some beautiful work.

We started a week or so ago and are most of the way through Genesis.  It is going really well and the kids are excited when they hear about people we've talked about before.  I don't know if it will take us 1 year or 5 years to complete, but we are going to keep plugging along.

As a reward for completing our goal, we hope to go to the Creation Museum and Ark Encounter.

Does your Family have a special Bible time?

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