Friday, September 16, 2016

Frugal Family Fun: Animal Fun at the Library

Last Saturday, we went to an animal program at the library.  It was put on by the zoo.  Three docents came and brought four animals: a guinea pig named Keto, a Jacabon pigeon named Romeo, a prehensile tail skink named Oscar, and a Kenyan Sand Boa named Nya.  They kids learned about them all, were able to pet a few, and also got to explore some other animals artifacts.  They had an ostrich egg, snake eggs, animal pelts, and some skulls to look at and feel.  

Our whole family was able to go, learn, and enjoy time as a family.  The best part is that it was totally free!  We are always looking for frugal ways to have some family fun and the library is a great place for that!

How does your family have frugal fun?

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