Thursday, September 1, 2016

Homeschool Highlights

Building Mazes: During Gavin's appointment, the kids worked on building a maze for their marbles to go through.
Nonsense Words: As a way to work on sounding out words, Gavin and I played a game making nonsense words. I gave him two cubes with consonants and one with vowels on it.  I had him roll all three and read the word.  Sometimes, he would make a real word, but often it is a silly word.  

Water Painting: The kids got a water painting book from Uncle John's mom a few weeks back.  Today, while I was reading our current chapter book, the kids had fun painting.

 A Nice Surprise: The current book we are reading is from Riley Hospital.  It is called Race to the Wild.  As I was reading, I stumbled across this post it note.  It was a nice surprise!
Cooking Class ~ Cinnamon Sugar and Orange Juice: Today in Cooking Class we made cinnamon sugar and fresh squeezed orange juice.  Since it was close to lunch time, we made cinnamon sugar toast and added yogurt and apple slices.  Yummy!

What are some highlights of your homeschool this week?

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