Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Homeschool Highlights

Writing Ideas ~ Nonfiction: 
Gavin's Writing Samples: I love that Gavin is doing most of his writing himself and sounding out more words if he can't find it in the room!
Creeping Caterpillars: When we were at our Third Thursday Science class last week, a lady brought out some caterpillars for the kids to hold.  I believe they were called Tent caterpillars but she called them kitty caterpillars because they were so soft.  They were quick, too!

Fishy Business: The science class this month was actually about fish.  The kids made these adorable fish seen below and learned so many fun facts about fish.  They were excited to tell me how fish breathe under water.  The fish below are from left to right, Macie, Gavin, Lilah.
E Week ~ Egg Carton Art:  These caterpillars were super simple to make and turned out cute.  They are from left to right, Macie, Gavin, Lilah.
 Lilah's Word Families: Today, Lilah and I sorted the words she is reading into word families.  Every week she is adding new words to the list.  She is really all about sounds right now.  She sounds out her word family words and every time she hears a word, she stresses the first sound trying to figure out what it starts with.  I love this early reading stage!

What are some highlights from your homeschool this week?

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