Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Homeschool Highlights

Review Week ~ Letter Stamps: I've built in several letter review weeks for Lilah to make sure she really knows the letters we've covered so far.  They are typically weeks where we aren't able to get a full week of school in.  She played a matching game with upper and lowercase letters, played letter memory, did some review sheets, and used paint and stamps.
Indianapolis Children's Museum: Last week when Gavin and I were in Indy, we visited the museum.  We actually stayed for 5 1/2 hours one day.  It was a long visit, but the time flew by and we were able to do so many things we don't typically do.  We watched a few shows, explored some new areas, and just took our time,  It was so easy keeping up with one kid!
 Two of the new areas we visited were Science Works where they have a horizontal rock wall and the Space area.  Both were really cool and we plan to visit again soon! 
Writing ~ Fact Dog: We used this graphic organizer to come up with a topic and 5 facts.  We did the topic "chickens" together and then I showed them how to piece the facts together in a paragraph. This week, each kid picked their own topic and five facts.  Next, I will work with them to create their own paragraphs.
Alligator Frame: Gavin saw an idea to make animal frames around a picture in a magazine.  He decided to create an alligator to go around one of his pictures.  I was really impressed with how it turned out.  I love when they take initiative and create!
 B Week ~ Sorting Buttons:
Miss Independent: Macie is able to do a lot of her work independently.  I will always check in with her and help when needed, but I am so proud of how well she is working this year.  I've rarely had to fight her with doing her math which is a huge improvement from last year. She even steps in and will read directions to Gavin or Lilah if I step out of the room or am working with someone. Such a big helper!
Paper Creations: On Sunday, the kids went to town creating.  They grabbed paper, scissors, glue and tape and before I knew it, my table was covered in creations and the floor was covered in scraps!

B Week ~ Blindfold Art: When Lilah has a cool activity like Blindfold art, I make sure to include the other two.  It was so funny because they couldn't wait to get the blindfold on, but it only lasted a few minutes.  They were so anxious to see what they drew and what colors they used.  I reminded them how lucky they were that they can see and asked them what it would be like to be blind.  You could see all of their little brains churning away!

Library Art Class: I try to fit in random fun and FREE activities for the kids when I can.  Our schedule is insane, so I can't do it all of the time.  Today, I was able to take the kids to an art class at Central library.  They were so excited to go.  Right before, there is a read aloud time, but I didn't realize that, so we didn't go in until the art time.  The kids did monoprints and they really turned out awesome.  They also had them paint a cd for a project next week.  I originally wasn't sure how often we'd make it to these, but now the kids are hooked and want to go back!

What are some highlights from your homeschool this week?


SabrinaGreen said...

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Maya Alexander said...

I hope they are learning the things quickly.
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The Mitchell Family said...

Thanks, I sure think so!

The Mitchell Family said...

It's so fun to watch them learn and grow! I taught other people's kids for 12+ years and I'm loving teaching my own kids now!