Friday, September 9, 2016

Homeschool Highlights

Sugar and Salt: During S week, we did an experiment with sugar and salt.  I included all three kiddos.  I asked them if they though it was sugar or salt.  Then they compared the two.  We actually only had cane sugar on hand, so you could really see the differences.  Then, they tasted the two by putting them on different spots of their tongue.  It was quick lesson on taste buds as well!

 Roll A Di Writing: We've just about completed our "Roll A Di" writing prompts.  I had six different di that had writing prompts on each side.  They took turns rolling them and writing about that prompt.  We started it last year and just finished our last one recently.  Macie is finally writing a bit more!

 P is for Pasta:

Painting Canvases: Painting canvases has been a project I've been wanting to do for a while.  We finally got some new paint and did it this week.  We did it in stages and learned several techniques along the way.  They painted a base color first.  Next, we put down tape and made designs.  They painted over the tape and then we pulled it up.  For the finishing touches, we used sponges, thinner paint brushes, and made polka dots using the end of a paintbrush.  I am just as excited about these as the kids are.  We are letting them fully dry before finding a home in their rooms! 

Daily Reading: I have this stack of books on my table.  
Science Experiments: We are still waiting to see how the Emerald City Pennies turn out. Unfortunately, they crashing colors didn't turn out as expected.  I used to get upset by this.  Now, I use it as a lesson in and of itself about how things don't always work out and there are often many failed experiments before getting it right.  Often times, great discoveries are made during the "failed" attempts.  This not only applies to science, but also life!

 Peanut Butter Play dough: Our last P week activity was to make peanut butter play dough.  It was kind of like cooking class snack time with the added bonus of being able to play with it!  They loved it, but it was super sweet and rich!

What are some highlights from your Homeschool this week?

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