Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Homeschool Highlights

Pottery: Aunt Annie got Macie a pottery kit two Christmases ago and we finally are getting around to doing it.  (Notice a theme here)  The kids made their objects and the goal was to paint them.  We haven't gotten around to painting them yet due to time, behavior, and the fact that some of the objects are falling apart.  (From right to left) Macie made a nest, leaf, two snakes and a bead.  Lilah made a bird, nest, and a bunch of eggs. Gavin made a knife and fork.
Fact Dog Writing: Each kiddo did their own fact writing twice last week.  I was so impressed with them.  These are the first writings they did.  The second ones turned out even better!
 Gavin: Yak
 Lilah: Tiger
 Macie: Soccer
Costumes: While I was reading one day, Gavin created Super Hero Costumes for Perry and his little panda.  As I always say, I was beyond impressed with the creativity!

Uncle Gary: Brian bought a copy of the paper because Uncle Gary was on the front page.  He was doing a nature walk for Wesselman's.  Macie said, "He's wearing a cool outfit!"  We had to text him and let him know that we were excited to know a celebrity!
Check, check, and double check: It is crazy to think that we are a little over a 4th of the way into our school year.  Today is day 48 for us.  As I mentioned during my prep post, I changed the way that I am planning this year.  I love how it is going.  I set goals for the month for each child individually and for things I plan all of us to do together.  I've picked a different color for each month so that I can check off what is accomplished that month.  Individually, they have met or exceeded all of my expectations.  Whole group things we've done pretty well with, but I just get to what I can.
Details Daisy: This week in writing, we are using the Details Daisy graphic organizer.  We filled it in together on Monday, I showed them how to pull it all together to make a paragraph on Tuesday, and the rest of the week, they will be working on their own.
G Week ~ Guessing: How many q-tips are left in here? She guessed 45 and there were 49!  I also asked her how many cotton balls would it take to fill up a cup.  She guessed 20 and it took 18.  She's a pretty good guesser!
Animal Unit: We started a unit on animals in science this month.  I kind of started last year, but never really went through with it due to chaos.  We are starting fresh and all excited about it!
Geronimo Stilton ~ Vocabulary: Just like we did with Pioneer Sisters, we are discussing some of the vocabulary words in our new series.  This time, I decided to hang them on the wall until we are done with the book.

What are some highlights from your homeschool this week?

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