Sunday, October 16, 2016

Macie's Actual Birthday Fun

We try to make birthdays really special around here.  Macie's 8th birthday did not disappoint and she was on a high for the entire day!  When she woke up, she got her present from us and a card from Grammie and Pops.  In her card she found $8 and from us she got a soccer folder, nail polish set and $8 more dollars!

Breakfast was cinnamon rolls and sausage.  After breakfast, she let Gavin and Lilah help her make the goody bags for her party on Saturday.

We hung out at home for a bit, and then were out and about.  We went to several places to cash in the Safe Halloween coupons and then went to Chucke Cheese.  We had some tokens left from Gavin's last birthday and I bought $10 worth and a drink.  That money is pretty much the only money the kids and I spent all day!

 Macie was super brave at Chucke Cheese and even wanted to take a selfie with him!
 Next up, we went to CMOE.  We spent two hours there doing story time and playing.
After CMOE, we went home to relax.  Macie had a soccer game that night.  It was an awesome game and her team won!  The final excitement of the evening was going to Red Robin with my family. Macie had been talking about going there for months because she wanted a root beer float!
 This face says it all!  
Not only did she get the floats, but they sang to her and brought her a sundae.  She is one lucky girl!