Tuesday, October 4, 2016

My Loved One was Diagnosed with a Disability or Illness...What do I do now? ~ Not Living In Your Home

The role of caring for a LOVED ONE NOT LIVING IN YOUR HOME is different than if they live with you.  The loved one could be a grown child, parent, sibling, friend, or other relative.

It can often be difficult to determine what your role is going to be and how involved you will be.
Some things to consider if you have a loved one with a disability or illness that doesn't live with you are the following:
  • Does your loved one want you to be involved? (Whether you like it or not, this has to be considered)
  • Do they have any other support? (Spouse, parents, friends, etc)
  • Do they have the proper paperwork in order? ( (Wills, Trusts, Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care)
  • Are you needed to be a primary caregiver? (Do you need to stay with them or them with you?)
  • What are your goals for your loved one? (Healthy, independence, etc)
  • Can your loved one financially support him or herself through this? (Are you willing or able to help?)
  • Is their home equipped to handle their disability? (Wheelchair accessible, hand rails, etc)
  • What services do they need need? (Speech, Physical Therapy, etc)
  • What specialists do they need to consult? (Oncology, Dermatology, etc)
  • What can you do to help with out overstepping? (Praying, dropping off a meal, visit, watching their children, cleaning their home, etc)
Dealing with any illness or diagnosis is often a roller coaster.  There will be sharp turns, ups, and downs.  Letting your loved one know that you are there for them no matter what they want or need is the most important thing.

Next up...Physical Disability

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