Saturday, October 1, 2016

That Time When...

...Lilah had an allergic reaction to a bee sting!

On Monday, Lilah was stung by a bee at my aunt's house.  My aunt checked it out, put ice on it, and put some cream on it.  By the time I saw her on Monday night, I didn't think much about it.  That night, she ended up in our room whining about it and I told her to go back to sleep.

On Tuesday, she mentioned it once or twice but still played and went along with the day.  We left to run some errands and she said her shoe was tight.  I looked down and her poor little foot was incredibly swollen, red, itchy, and was hurting.  Oops!

I took her to Convenient care and after waiting for hours and eating Skittles for "dinner", they saw her.  They said it was for sure an allergic reaction, but that it was just a local reaction and not a full body reaction.  He prescribed steriods for 5 days and Benedryl around the clock until the swelling went down.  I grabbed the meds and a Happy Meal on the way home.  She thought it was the middle of the night since it was so late and she was starving!

It took a few days, but is finally back to normal.  When I mentioned to Dr. Voyles, he said that we shouldn't be concerned long term.

Have you ever had a time like that?

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