Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Catching Up...

Happy 6th Birthday, CJ!:

 Spending Birthday Money and Crafting:

 Allie's Halloween Party:

That Time When...

...Macie's soccer team won FIRST PLACE!

Macie was blessed with a great team and coach this year for soccer.   She had a few struggles, but had a great season.  Her team ended up winning first place in the league.  There were many exciting games and all of the parents were so proud.  I think we were more excited than they were!  Go Blue Blizzards!

 Macie had a lot of fans come for her final game!

Homeschool Highlights

O Week ~ Making Orange:

 Writing ~ Fact and Opinion
 Religion Mobile

 Clifford Posters: We decided to have our own election!  Cat in the Hat and Clifford ran for president.  We learned about past presidents, studied the candidates, made posters and commercials, and asked our friends and family to vote.  The results are being tallied and will be announced tomorrow!

 O Week ~ Oats:
Craft Time ~ Tie Purse: Macie got a really neat set from Aunt Annie for her birthday.  She is going to be able to make a pillow, purse, and blanket by tying the pieces together.  She's working on the purse first!
O Week ~ Oatmeal Writing:

Spelling Tests: Now that Gavin has mastered reading the 110 First Grade sight words, we started spelling tests.  I've done things a little differently with him than I did with Macie last year and that is OK.  I'm catering to each child and making sure they get what they need!  Gavin only has 6 words to learn to spell each week and so far he is doing great!
 Cat In The Hat Posters: