Monday, December 5, 2016

Homeschool Highlights

Art Class at the Library ~ Making People:

School On the Go ~ Pap Sitting:

Puzzle Time:
Change of Scenery: Most of the time, we do stay in the school room during school time.  Not only are all of our supplies there, it also helps keep everyone focused.  On colder days, we head to the living room for warmth.  On this day, we just needed a change of scenery and the bar seems to do the trick!
Homeschool Science Hour at the Library ~ Make Dos: The last time we went to the homeschool science hour, we were able to get a "Make Do" kit for each kiddo.  They are really neat and allow you to turn cardboard into amazing creations!  It was a little stressful at first, but by the end of the session, Gavin made a rocket ship, Macie made a computer, and Lilah made a car.

I week ~ Initials: Lilah made her initials out of playdough during short "I" week.
I Week ~ Inches: Lilah measured several items by using an inch ruler.  She learned to make sure to always start at the end of the ruler at 0 to see how many inches long items were.
Science Fun: In Macie's All Skills' book, she found a science experiment.  When she realized that we had all of the ingredients at home, she wanted to do it.  I told her to go for it and she did it pretty much on her own!

First Reconciliation: Macie had her First Reconciliation on November 15th.  We practiced the prayers and prepared as much as we could before.  She was excited and nervous.  There were a few mixups, but we made it through!  I may or may not have bribed her with a DQ blizzard for after.  Can't believe how fast she is growing up.  Next up, First Communion!
How - To Writing: 
3-D Minion Puzzle: Santa brought Gavin this Minion puzzle last year and we finally got around to doing it.  To say it was difficult would be an understatement.  We finally got it together, but one arm keeps falling out.  Gavin is happy with it so that's all that matters!

I Week ~ Ice Skating:  The kids went ice skating in the living room on coffee filters.

Hard At Work:
ABC Memory: Every few weeks, Lilah takes a week off from learning a new letter to review the letters she's learned.  She does a reveiw book, matches upper and lower case letters, plays memory, and stamps letters in paint.  The memory game has the upper and lower case letters that she already learned this year.
Mneme Therapy ~ The Snowman:  I continue to be amazed by Macie's Masterpieces.

N is for Numbers:
Writing ~ Character  T-Chart:
Library Art Class ~ Bead Making:
Snickerdoodle Art Class: Part of the Easter Seals Coupon book was doing a craft at Snickerdoodle.  I was so impressed with what each kid made.  Macie made a skeleton, Gavin made Santa's belt, and Lilah made a pumpkin.

Mneme Therapy ~ The Fish Tank:

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