Sunday, January 8, 2017

Weekly Purge Challenge ~ Week 1

As part of my yearly intentions, I plan to purge 17 (or more) items each week and blog about it.  I hope to take a picture along with it.  This week, I did purge 17+ items, but failed to take the picture.

Because we are no longer doing our side business, we decided to get rid of all of the cups.  I was able to use most of them for Christmas gifts, sell a few, and make the last three for the kids.  We also gave the machine and all of our extra supplies and vinyl to our neighbors as a thank you/Christmas gift.

It felt so good to give something to others who have helped us out so much.  It also felt great to PURGE!  I've been sick for way too long and am finally feeling like I have some energy back. Hopefully, I will be successful purging this week and will actually take a picture!

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