Friday, February 17, 2017

Homeschool Highlights

 Wow..2017 has already been off to a crazy start.  Here are some of our Homeschool Highlights from January:

Write It/Repair It: The kids are really good at looking at my writing or someone else's writing and finding the mistakes.  The next step is looking at their own writing and finding the mistakes!
 Gavin's Graph: In Gavin's morning work, he had to make a family food graph.  We called upon our immediate families to help us fill it in.
 C is for Camouflage:
Painting Time!: Macie's mneme therapy has inspired us all.  One afternoon, we took time to paint.  Gavin used some watercolors he had in a kit and they didn't quite turn out how he wanted.  Next time, he wants to use different paint.  Not only was it art, but also an experiment!

 Macie's "Olaf" above done at Home and "The Ballerina" done during therapy below.

 Lilah's above and Gavin's below
 Homeschool Science Hour ~ Meteorology: 
 Before class started, Gavin had time to build a creation.

 When we got home, I showed the kids how we have our own weather station!

 Mneme Therapy ~ "The Puppy Dog":