Thursday, March 2, 2017

Homeschool Highlights

Snap Circuits and More: Typically, we do not do school on birthdays.  However, Gavin had so many science kits he was wanting to do that we did those on his birthday and counted it as a school day! Macie and Gavin both got snap circuit kits (at different times from different people), but we'd never gotten them out.  They are SO cool and Gavin plays with his all of the time!

 We also made a color changing volcano, and that was a big hit!
 Homeschool Science Hour ~ Anatomy: The anatomy class was really cool because I was able to point out on Gavin where different parts of his body are that he's had procedures on.  The kids also made brain hats that were cool.

 Mneme Therapy ~ The Baby Owl:
Indianapolis Children's Museum: Last week, Gavin had an appointment at Riley.  We hadn't been to the Children's museum in a long time and my mom had never been, so we decided to make a day of it.  They had a circus exhibit that was fun!

 Mardi Gras Masks: I picked up these masks at Big Lots for 25 cents a while back.  Macie found them and wanted to make them.  I told her we'd make them for Mardi Gras.  All it took was a little puff paint and a few feathers, and voila!

 Mneme Therapy ~ The Beach:

2 comments: said...

Well looking at his deep interest in science, I think he'd be a scientist. I mean, who studies on birthday? This kid is a genius!

Weldon said...

I don't think its a good thing to miss the schools on birthdays. Because these parties can be celebrated after school times. Anyhow Happy Birthday.