Monday, August 14, 2017

Homeschool Highlights

Indianapolis Children's Museum: August 1st, Gavin went to Riley to get measured for new compression socks.  I took all three kids and we went to the museum for the day since we hadn't been in a while.  Our first stop was to the dinosaur area because Macie and Gavin are studying dinosaurs in science.  I had them each find two facts to read to me and then tell me one opinion about dinosaurs.  It's always good to throw in a little school!

Evansville Museum and Train Museum: The first Friday of every month, the Evansville Museum and Train museum are free to get into.  I've been wanting to take advantage of this for months, but this is the first time it's worked out.  We made a craft, checked out the eclipse exhibit, went into various art rooms to pick out our favorites, and checked out the old times area.  Finally, we spent quite a bit of time with friends at the train museum.  It was a lot of fun and we hope to go back and study the art a bit more.

Rhyming Matching Game: We had to find ways to keep Lilah busy before she started school.  This rhyming matching game did the trick!
 Dinosaur Stencil Art: 
Mneme Therapy ~ "The Flowery Landscape": Not only has Macie's painting taken off, but check out that title!  Miss Tina and I were both super impressed!  Sorry that the picture didn't get turned...
Room Decor:
I now have Spanish numbers, colors, and days of the week up around our Indiana map and dinosaur art.

This year, we are studying the states.  Each week are adding a different state and when we get to Indiana, we will wrap up the Indiana book we worked on two years back.  The kids are really enjoying this book and wish that it wasn't once a week!

I also added the Spanish names for the months.  
Collage Art: I'm trying to do different kinds of art this year.  Neither Gavin or Macie really understood what I was talking about when I mentioned a collage the other day, so we decided to make them today!  They turned out so cute!
Gavin's has "cool" stuff on it!

Macie made a food collage and it made me so hungry!

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Lilah's First Day

Today was Lilah's First Day of School!  She is officially a Kindergartner at St. Joe School.  On Monday night, we went to "Meet the Teacher" night and dropped off all of her supplies and had an ice cream treat.  Yesterday, we laid out her uniform and backpack and went to the store to pick out special donuts for breakfast.

Last night, she fell asleep around 8:30 which wasn't too bad for how excited she was.  BUT, I heard her up at 4:30 this morning and had to keep trying to get her back to sleep.  Once we were up and got her ready, we dropped her off this morning.  We all went in on the first day and took a few pictures.  She was able to stay in her classroom and color.  She didn't shed a single tear!  She hugged me extra tight, but then sat down and was ready to go!

We ran into our neighbor CJ this morning.  He told his mom that he didn't play with his friends at recess because he wanted to make her feel comfortable.  How sweet!

 Mrs. Weatherholt

I was more anxious to pick up Lilah than I was to drop her off.  It seemed like the line took forever!  She had a GREAT day!  According to her, she like the mashed potatoes, made 5 friends, and didn't want the day to be over.  It brought tears to my eyes to see her.  She looked so grown up!  Tomorrow, Brian will just pull up, drop her off, and she will walk in herself.  How did it happen that I have three school aged children?  Don't blink!

I'm an Artist, and I love it!

Macie is not playing soccer this year.  Instead, she opted to do an one week art camp.  We found one in Henderson called Ms. Pem's Art for Kids.  She went 4 hours every day and not only did they learn drawing techniques, they also took daily walking field trips.  Each field trip was to a business where the person did art and made a living.  I thought it was so awesome!

The last day, they had a little art show where they passed out certificates, said their chant, and had their art on display.  We were able to take her art home and it is neat to see her doing different types of art.

Every day, they said this chant and I thought it was so cute:

If I See It
I can draw it
I'm an artist
and I love it

Chalk and paper are my friends
pencils, markers, paint, and pens

If I see it,
I can draw it
I'm an artist
and I love it

We found another place in Newburgh that offers classes so we may let Macie take some after our Disney trip.  She loves art and we want to nurture that as much as we can!