Monday, September 11, 2017

Disney Reflections

We'd been planning and saving for our Disney Trip for a long time.  Here are some of my reflections and thoughts from the trip...

Macie was hit on!: When we were at the pool one night, a little boy was playing with Gavin.  Gavin told him about his sisters.  He said this is Lilah and then found Macie.  When Gavin introduced the little boy to Macie, the boy said, "Oh WOW!"  My mom and I were right there and lost it.  Gavin was teasing Macie all week saying, "Ooh La La!"  I'm so not ready for this!

Stressful!: Disney is so much fun and one of my favorite places to be.  This is my 5th trip there and by far the most stressful.  We had a lot of fun as the previous posts and pictures show, but having a group of 12 with different ideas, interests, ages, speeds, etc is hard to make sure that everyone is happy and gets the most out of their trip.  It was also extra stressful because people back home were constantly calling and texting us about the hurricane.  We were well aware of what has happening and appreciated a text of concern, but constant, daily texts made it more difficult to relax and enjoy the trip.  I started dreading looking at my phone.

Home Sweet Home: Our trip home sucked, but it could have been way worse!  All I kept thinking about were all of the other people who were leaving their homes with no where to go and didn't have any idea what they would find when they came back.  We ran into so many people and most were so kind.  I've never appreciated my home in Indiana more and I hope I never take what I have for granted.  I've been praying for all of those people and will continue to do so!

Future Trip: Brian and I are talking about going back to Disney, maybe just the five of us, in a few years.  There are some things we'd do the same and some different.  With the kids being older, we'd have to pack less and take less with us into the parks.  I'm honestly ready to go back now, but our next trip will be to a beach somewhere!!

Good Bye, Disney!  Hope to see you again!