Monday, September 11, 2017

The Trip Home...

The trip home was LONG!  It took us 27.5 hours to get home and 11.5 hours of driving time to get out of Florida!  To put that into perspective, it is a 12 hour drive from our house to Disney!  We knew the Hurricane was set to hit on Sunday morning in Miami and we'd heard that gas as sparse, so we made sure we filled up on gas earlier in the week.  We left our hotel at 3:30pm our time and didn't arrive at my parents' house until 7:00 pm the next day.

Even though it was long, we were never stranded, at a complete standstill, or without gas, food, or a bathroom.  We'd brought food and other supplies as best as we could.  We saw LOTS of gas stations that were out of gas, so if we found one with gas, we filled up even if we only needed a few gallons.  The lines were long, but never terrible.  The bathrooms were dirty, but better than the side of the road.  I prayed the rosary three times that day and we made it home safely!

We did stop at one gas station where some guys were starting a brawl and the cops were being called because someone cut someone else off at a gas pump.  We also pulled off into an abandoned gas station for four hours to try and get some sleep.  It was quite the adventure.  Honestly, the worst part about it was that poor Ari was DONE and let the rest of us know it!  She cried and screamed the majority of that 27 hours.  I had quite the headache when we got home.

My three kids were honestly excellent travelers.  They were so good considering how long we were in the car and the fact that they were a little worried about the storm.  On Saturday, we stopped at Jim and Nick's BBQ for a nice lunch before our last 4 hours home.  It was a nice way to break up the long travel.  We were never so excited to be home, but boy were we exhausted!

Lilah drew this Mickey for Andre

And this Minnie for Ari

We were going to buy these at the restaurant, but the waitress gave them to us because of our long trip!

The way home

The way there...