Sunday, September 10, 2017

Walt Disney World Vacation ~ Day 1 and 2

On Friday, September 1st, we left bright and early for our Walt Disney World Vacation.  We went with my entire immediate family and we'd been planning this for a few years.  We were worried about the weather but loaded up and headed out.  Our plan for day one was to make it to Valdosta, Georgia.  Overall, the day went pretty well and we even found a place to eat called Keith-A-Que for dinner.  It was yummy!  We stayed the night and then drove the last 3 hours to our resort in the morning.

We stayed at All Stars Movies Resort.  We were able to have three rooms right next to each other overlooking the Toy Story Courtyard.  It was fun to walk through "Andy's Room" every day.  After we checked in, we ate lunch, unloaded, swam, and then went to Disney Springs for dinner and shopping.  

We had a little bit of a difficult time finding our way around since they'd changed a lot of stuff but eventually found Earl of Sandwich.  Macie and I had the Holiday Turkey, Lilah got a grilled cheese, and the boys got the Original which is roast beef.  Everyone was happy with their food.  Afterwards, we did some shopping.  The kids had been saving their own money for souvenirs for over a year.  Macie had $120, Gavin had $150, and Lilah had $100.  I was so proud of them.  They shopped some that night and throughout the trip.  Unfortunately, we got rained on and ended up heading back sooner than planned to rest up for the first day in the parks!
My dad's name is Keith and he loves to barbeque so this was perfect!

These three slept a lot the last leg of the trip which was a blessing!

First photos at the resort!

Waiting for the bus