Monday, September 11, 2017

WDW Vacation ~ Day 4 Epcot

After rest time, we headed to Epcot with the idea of eating dinner through the countries.  What we didn't realize was that because it was their Food and Wine Festival, there would be so many extra countries to eat from!  We made through about half of them and were stuffed, so we decided to finish the other ones when we came back in a few days.  We ate from Greece, Thailand, Africa, Norway, China, and Germany that I can remember.  Everything was so darn good!  We also rode the Gran Fiesta Tour in Mexico and did some shopping. 

Gavin was determined to go to Japan and look at the Pokemon stuff so Brian took him there while I stayed with the kids and saved a spot for the fireworks.  We also happened to see Snow White and she had no line so we were able to get pictures and autographs with her.  The firework show was neat and then it was back to the hotel to sleep!  We were all exhausted from a long, but productive day!

We found a grilling Mickey!

Taste of Greece