Monday, October 9, 2017

A Look Back ~ August

Once again, time has gotten away from me and I haven't been blogging as much as I wish.  I enjoy looking back at the small moments, so here's a look back at August:

I don't always love having my picture taken and I don't always think I look that great, however, my kids don't see that part of me. They only see the beautiful when they ask me to take a picture, I try to oblige.  These moments fade too fast!

Our neighbor, Chad, sent us this photo.  Emilee was checking them out when they were setting up for a yardsale!
Room Swap: Just when we get things settled, we change it up again!  Right before school started, I was wanting to clean out Lilah's room.  Well, on a rainy Sunday, the girls came to me and said, can we change our rooms to a sleep room and a play room.  While it was totally not what I had planned for that day, I decided to go ahead and tackle the project knowing that I'd be really happy at the end to get rid of more stuff and have two clean spaces!

How can you not just eat up that grin?!?!?!

He's lost two of the teeth they were going to remove during surgery so I was teasing that he was just being frugal and trying to save some money!

We love it when all of the cousins get together!
 Lilah's Soccer: Lilah has been looking forward to playing soccer for a long time.  She was able to play in the Mater Dei league and Motoux and really liked it.  She had to miss three games because of Disney, but still was able to play in 7.  I just cracked up because it was a Mater Dei team and she wore Memorial's royal blue!

 Happy Anniversary Aunt Gloria and Uncle Bill!: My aunt and uncle celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary on August 19th.  Brian and I will hit 10 this year and it is hard to imagine 50!  They had a wonderful celebration with great food, music, and fun!
There was a kids area with rock painting, bubbles, and play dough!

Glow sticks were a huge hit once it got dark!

Naptime!  School wears this girl out!

Soccer Sass!

The cutest luggage I've ever seen! 
Hanging out with Uncle Alan

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