Tuesday, October 10, 2017

A Look Back ~ September

Besides going to Disney, we had several other things going on during the month of September:

We visit Pap once a week in the nursing home.  Often times, we bring cookies or other sweet treats!

I forgot to add this to the Disney posts and Homeschool Highlights.  Each car had a map and colored in the states of license plates we saw.  This was Gavin's map and they had a few more states than us.

This is Macie's map from the girl's van and we were so pumped to find Alaska!

Aunt Julie had a kitchen "purging" party and gave Lilah this crystal vase. She was so proud!

She added some embellishments!

Lilah's school picture

When the boys went to a Jr. Thunderbolts game, the girls and I had fun at home.  We watched Aristocats and had some yummy snacks!

Lilah made this cute crown for Gavin's pikachu.

The kids made pictures and wrote notes to Uncle Alan.

Lilah failed her eye exam at school and so I had to take her to the eye doctor.  At first the doctor said she was fine, but after further testing discovered that she is slightly farsighted.  For now, we are just supposed to keep an eye on it and come back in a year.

Lilah found this onesie from her first birthday!  Even though she couldn't snap it, she could still put it on!

We had the Whitley kids over to spend the night.  We made homemade pizzas, did crafts, and had ice cream sundaes.

Eislin and Lilah

Ryland and Gavin

Dylan and Macie

Top: Dylan Bottom: Macie

Top: Gavin Bottom: Ryland

Top: Lilah Bottom: Eislin

To support hurricane relief, Lilah was able to dress like "Florida" or "Texas" for school if she donated money.  Since we'd just been to Disney and we were leaving with all of the evacuees, it only seemed fitting that she dressed like "Florida".