Monday, October 9, 2017

Homeschool Highlights

Routine?: We've still been plugging along with school around here.  Even though we are in our third year, it's taken us a bit longer to get into a routine.  Our Disney vacation and Lilah starting school at St. Joe have definitely thrown us for a loop!  We FINALLY feel like we are starting to get into a groove and of course have a million Riley trips coming up.  But, I am once again reminded that this is why we homeschool.  We need FLEXIBILITY and GRACE.  We wouldn't survive without it!

Wesselman's Science: Signing up for this science class was a must again this year.  It will be Macie's last year and she will have to move up next year!  So far, they've done sessions on the solar eclipse and bodacious beetles.  I am so impressed with this program and how much they cram into 90 minutes! 
Freezer Cooking: I've been doing a lot of freezer cooking lately and I enlisted the kids to help me assemble some crockpot bags.  Reading recipes, finding ingredients, and measuring things are all great life skills!

Mneme Therapy: Macie has been doing Mneme therapy for about a year now.  I thought it would be neat to show a picture of her first painting and her 20th painting.  All I can say is, WOW!
The Spooky Tree

The Rocky Beach
School on the Deck: As I've mentioned before, one of the joys of homeschooling is the ability to do it anytime, anywhere.  Many days, I prefer to do it in our school room to curb distractions, but it is nice to change it up!  On this day, we ate lunch and did school on the deck and enjoyed the sunshine and breeze.

Read Aloud ~ Judy Moody: I love reading chapter books to the kids and we've decided to keep Lilah included in this part of our schooling.  On this day, we finished reading our book on the trampoline!

Library Cookbook: Macie discovered kids cookbooks and craft books at the library, so as you can imagine, she was beyond excited.  She picked up a Paula Dean cookbook and made some amazing oatmeal cookies for us last week.  She was able to do it with very little assistance!

 Harmonie: Lilah was out of school last Friday, so we decided to take our schooling on the road.  We went to Harmonie State Park and the kids did some of their book work on the drive there and back.  We had a picnic lunch, finished a chapter book, drew nature art, walked Emilee around, and played on a few playgrounds.  Everyone was worn out that afternoon!


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