Wednesday, November 1, 2017

A Look Back ~ October

What is Macie Allergic to?: At the beginning of October, we went to a new allergist for Macie.  We found out she is allergic to trees and dust mites and borderline grass.  It explains a lot and we've been working hard to make some changes to help her breathe better.  One side of her nose was completely blocked and she'd had several sinus infections in the last year.  She has improved a lot this last month and hopefully will only continue to get better!
Macie was not at all thrilled about the testing, but she was thrilled that I let her watch YouTube on my phone and told her she didn't have to do school the rest of the day!
 Spending Birthday Money: Since we didn't do any school that day, we went to Walmart and used up her gift card from Aunt Beth and Uncle Wil.  She bought a cool water bottle and a new baby since she would be getting rid of most of her stuffed animals.

 Getting Along and Having Fun!:
Fall Festival: The Fall Festival is one of my favorite events of the year and my kids feel the same way now!  We were able to eat there twice and had all of our favorites, plus tried several new things!
Gavin got escargo again and while he liked it, he didn't enjoy it quite as much as the year before.

Chef Macie: Macie discovered a section of kid's cookbooks at the library and she picked up a Paula Deen one.  She asked if she could make oatmeal cookies and I happily let her.  They were so darn good and she did almost everything herself!

 Baby Birthday Party: The girls had another birthday party for their dolls, but this time it was in the front yard.  They had gifts prepared for me to bring.  It was nice to stop what I was doing and just enjoy these moments with my girls!

Bowling Trophey: The first session of bowling ended the Saturday of the Fall Festival.  Gavin did really well that session with his highest score being 98 and his average being 80!

Decorating Pumpkins: At family dinner, Grandma had pumpkins for the kids to decorate with markers.  They had fun decorating them and made great centerpieces on our table.  Since they were pie pumpkins, I baked them today to use for upcoming desserts!

 Bible Verses: I've started writing a Bible verse on my arm or hand.  I pick verses that are something I want to work on or remember.  I've also been recording those verses in a notebook.  It is something I'm enjoying and plan to continue.
 Freezer Cooking: Once a month I do a big grocery shop and then do a small shop for a few items towards the end of the month to get us through.  At the beginning of the month, I try to also to do some freezer cooking.  On this day, I made 9 pan meals to go in the oven and 6 crock pot bags.  These really come in handy and keep us from eating out!
Surprise!: Brian has been bartending a lot lately.  One morning when I woke up early to throw lunch in the crockpot, I was shocked to see these flowers!  Brian hasn't bought me flowers in a long time so it was a pleasant surprise!
 Cutie Pie:

Girls' Body Empowerment: I forget the exact name for this event, but one Saturday morning, I took the girls to an event put on by Project Reveal.  My cousin, Mary, told me about it and brought her daughter, Hannah.  The girls had fun together doing different activities while the moms listened to a speaker and did some activities as well.  It was really fun and the girls already want to go back next year!

Bible Reading: We read the Bible as a family most nights and now this boy is determined to read the Bible on his own as well!  He's almost through the book of Genesis.  I am so proud of him!
 Brown County Trip: My mom, sisters, and I went on our annual Brown County trip.  We bought several things and had a great day.  We even found the perfect sign for Allie!

School is In Session: I walked into our school room the other day and Lilah had set up school for her dolls!  She had a plan book, centers, and was reading them a story.  I love it!
Girls' Night: When the boys go to a hockey game, the girls have some fun of their own!  We had cookies and hot chocolate while watching a Pioneer Woman marathon.  We had a great night.  I love making memories with my girls!

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