Friday, November 3, 2017

Homeschool Highlights

Narrative Writing: We've started working on bigger writing pieces.  Our first type was narrative writing using an organizer.  It broke everything down into manageable steps.  I was so impressed with the outcome and the kids were so proud of themselves!  As a final touch, I had them each present their story to the family one night.  

Read Alouds: The kids and I still really enjoy read aloud time.  I read different chapter books to them and we wait until after school time to include Lilah.  I often introduce them to different styles of books and series.  It's increased the kids' reading because they will look for other books in that series or by that author at the library.  It also teaches great listening, comprehension, and vocabulary skills, as well as, helps them make connections.  I love our read aloud time and don't plan to give it up anytime soon!
Informative Writing: Our next type of writing we tackled was informative writing using an organizer.  Gavin picked pandas to write about and Macie picked dolphins.  They each checked a book out at the library and we followed the steps.  Once again, I was very impressed with the finished product.  They are also so proud of themselves and could't wait to share their writing with Daddy and Lilah at dinner!

Mystery Reader: Macie was able to be the "Mystery Reader" in Lilah's class this week.  She picked a book (Who Will Carve the Turkey this Thanksgiving?), practiced, and read it to the class.  We worked on projecting, expression, holding the book up so everyone could see, and slowing down.  I could tell she was nervous, but she did AWESOME!  Mrs. Weatherholt was so impressed by her and the kids were in awe.  Lilah was very excited to have her big sister as the special mystery reader.  It was such a great speaking experience for Macie with so many life skills built in and also a great memory with Lilah!  Who knows...maybe Gavin will be next!

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