Thursday, November 30, 2017

Homeschool Highlights

States of Matter ~ Solids: In our new Science book, we are studying Matter right now and the three states, solids, liquids, and gases.  We studied solids first.  
One of our experiments studied solids mass and volume.  If if two solids have the same volume, they can have totally different masses.  The kids learned that comparing leaves and rocks.

We also collected solids from around the house made of paper, metal, wood, cardboard, and plastic.

We sorted them by different properties (size and shape).

New Science Book: As I just mentioned, we have a new science book.  I started looking further into Catholic Heritage Curriculum and decided to check out their Beginning Science book.  It is intended for third grade which is perfect.  So far we love the mix of science and faith and I plan to continue with this curriculum next year!
 She's At It Again!: Macie got the same cookbook from the library plus a new one.  She made the cookies again with even less help from me!  I'm so excited that my kids are taking off in the kitchen!!

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