Sunday, November 19, 2017

Our Thanksgiving Traditions

Last year, we started a new tradition. We have our own Thanksgiving on the Sunday before actual Thanksgiving.  Last year, I decided to do it last minute so while it was good, I didn't make very much from scratch.  This year, I thought about it a lot more and planned ahead.  We had a large menu and as Lilah said, "We are having a FEAST!"  We had turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, brussell sprouts, shells and cheese, stuffing, rolls, and pecan pie.  I planned to make extra so that we would have leftovers.  The girls helped me make the pie and I did the rest.  I honestly can't believe it, but everything was done at the same time and everything turned out great! 

To set the table, we used a variety of colorful Fiestaware and Pampered Chef dishes, our new Disney silverware, Princess House glasses from my Aunt Nancy, and a table cloth from my Grandma Wolf.  We also added some cloth napkins and place cards the kids had made for a dinner with friends earlier this month.  Of course, we always talk about things we are thankful for.  Brian claimed this will be a yearly tradition and I couldn't agree more! 
I made the potatoes from scratch, but I didn't make a turkey.  I bought and oven roasted one that we just heated up.  I may tackle a turkey at some point, but if I'm being honest, a whole cooked turkey isn't my favorite. 

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