Wednesday, December 27, 2017

2018 Intentions

For 2018, I decided to go a different route and focus on myself...Body, Mind, and Soul.  I've set 6 intentions for each category with the hope to focus more on me.  I WANT and NEED an overall healthier ME!

1. Drink a Gallon of Water Every Day
2.Go to the YMCA 3x a Week
3. Get 8-10 hours of sleep every night (Head to bed by 10)
4. Eat at least 5 different Fruits/Veggies Each Day
5. Do Yoga with the Kids 1x a Week
6. Join Weight Watchers again (actually did this Dec 26th)

7. Read 18 Books
8. Do More Journalling (Grateful)
9. Tech Free Tuesdays
10. Spend more time with friends
11. Revamp Finances and set new goals
12. Make a Vision Board

13. Read the New Testament on my own
14. Pray the Rosary and have God Time to start each day
15. Finish Reading the Bible with the family (We are wrapping up the book of Ezra)
16. Make Blessing Bags
17. Write Weekly Bible Verses on my arm and in my notebook
18. Take a Vacation to the Beach (Planned for July)

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