Monday, December 11, 2017


One of my 2017 Intentions was to write 17 posts about blessings in my life to help purge negativity.  I'm finally getting around to it in this #Blessed series. 

I am blessed to have a FRUGAL MINDSET.

I honestly do not know where we would be if I didn't have a frugal mindset and live a frugal lifestyle.  Because we've lived this way for years now, we've been able to make it through extremely difficult times.  I think this mindset will continue to help and bless me in the months and years to come.  It's not always easy, but it pays in the end.

I'm also doing my best to pass on the frugal mindset to my children.  I don't think it's ever to early to learn to appreciate and respect money.  I pray that they will be better off than we are and use that mindset to live the best life they can!

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